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Do-tiful, and other things I have forgotten to be.

Wonder & Worry

I try to write, doodle, create, & encapsulate at least once a day.  Sometimes I rap, write haikus, and take pictures of insightful things.  But most days I wonder and worry more than I do all the other things combined.  And I think you reach a whole new level of paranoia when you start worrying about how much you worry, and wondering if you wonder too much.  Whatever.

Things I have worried about in the past hour:

  • How cold my apartment is
  • Why am I always craving Sour Patch Kids
  • If it will get too dark before I go to the gym, thus making me less likely to go to the gym
  • How to deal with my {perfectly coiffed} hair once it has been exposed to sweat and cold (assuming I actually went to the gym.)
  • What does this list say about me?

Things I have wondered about in the past hour:

  • Would putting a sweater on top of a sweater be comfy (I did it anyway)
  • What if I could put a candy release in my fridge similar to the ice machine, and how long before I’m a diabetic?
  • Is it acceptable to wear a scarf and sweater to the gym?

In any case, This. Is. Craziness.  Wonder and Worry are not mutually exclusive.  And if you’re gonna do both, do both to the benefit of something.  Wonder how you can enact change; Worry if others have enough.  Then Do.  Wonder and Worry are the dimwit sidekicks to the superhero Do.  Do can leap ten building is a single bound, Worry cannot find the courage to take the crowded elevator.  Do can fly at lightning speed, Wonder daydreams at the speed of well, me typing this post.

Today let’s vow to be Do.  I’ll be back to share my miss-adventures and failures.