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Lifelong Learning


I am afraid I learned to really like learning a little too late.  During my formal education years, I was much more concerned with silly things like pleasing others, confusing a syllabus for a road map to success, and being physically present while spiritually absent.  These things helped me graduate college, but I was ill-equipped for post-grad life, and frankly, a lot unsure of what I truly wanted to do with my only life. Right now I don’t really have any more answers than I did the day after graduation, but I’m doing my homework on some of the new and better questions to ask myself about WHY I am doing something. Since then, my journey has taken me to some wonderful places, fascinating people, and fabulous opportunities to put this theory into practice.

My first job was at a school.  An elementary school centered around this one very simple idea: If everyone learns in her own way, why are we trying to teach everyone the same way? It’s such a painfully honest concept; I’m almost ashamed to think about how it’s rarely been considered in the past.  And since I knew nothing about having a “real” job, I decided I would abide by two simple principles in my work in the school’s marketing, enrollment, and summer programs:

  1. I would never continue doing something simply because “It’s the way its always been done.”
  2. Time and effort are never good enough excuses for not helping in any way you can. (Now, please take this in moderation, I worked a lot, but I didn’t sacrifice other meaningful parts of my life (family, friendships, and opportunities to become a better person.)

These principles allowed me to take ownership in the work I was doing, and it also allowed me to pursue work I thought was worth doing. One of the school’s goals was to help students become advocates for their educations, and to also create within them a passion and love for learning.  You see, subject matter becomes unimportant if we are both enjoying the process, and finding it purposeful.  Those two concepts are best friends actually.

Then I moved and I became jobless.  I prepared for this change in lifestyle, but I hadn’t really prepped my soul to pursue meaningful work without the attachment to a job.  Where’s the meaning now that I’m not working for anyone? For anything? For any real sense of purpose?  It’s been hard, and I’ve had to talk myself off a pessimistic cliff at least once a week for nearly three months.  I’m finally getting to a place where my identity is being defined by who I am, rather than what I do.

So, I have decided to do new things.  And I’m going to showcase them here.  For the Internet to see. Because a creative life is really based on a love for learning and the opportunities to learn more about what’s inside the creator.  I’m still following the aforementioned two principles, so bear with me.  This journey resembles more of a forty-eight state roadtrip than a jet plane to paradise.  But that’s what makes it interested and RADventurous.

So, my next post will be a presentation of my first new challenge: HAND LETTERING

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