Sheesh people.  I unapologetically signed up for this blog so I could talk about myself all the freaking time.  Every post–it’s about me.  All the neat visual pieces?  (Sometimes paraphrased or said by someone else, but whatever) again me, me, me–but created with this nifty tool.

So read something, you’ll figure it out.  Other facts about me include:

  • I can’t pass up a park with an available swing.  Hell, I’ll stand in line for one if need be.
  • Four words: Venti Chai Tea Latte
  • Kind is the single best thing I try my very best to be all the days.
  • I like my words witty, and my things pretty.
  • I feel all the feelings, but most notably I am empathetic and light-hearted.
  • If you can’t get the job done in rainboots, call for help.
  • Also puppies & my mom.

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