Life Maze

LIFE MAZE by DynaMicah

I am lost. I am lost in my thoughts, in my ideas, potential goals, hypothetical future plans, even current life events. I have much to be grateful for, but right now, this life maze feels different and familiar, discouraging and hopeful, liberating and inhibiting.  And it is most certainly real.

And so I have made this incredibly overwhelming decision to chronicle my radventures (radical + adventures = radventures, don’t worry, these hybrid words are fun.) Right now I am at, what feels like sixteen crossroads in my life and I’m frightened, but also opportunistic. As our friends in the Navy Seals say, Life’s about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. And I’ve got a knack for making things downright uncomfortable for myself, so once I get the comfortable plane landed, I’ve pretty much got this in the bag.

In addition, I’ve also got this hole growing inside me. It’s called fear, and I think, to keep its growth at bay, I’ve got to externalize. Which is great because I am like super awesome at being open and graceful and extroverted AND COMFORTABLE. So naturally, I turned to the Internet, where nothing bad ever happens.**

Bare with me. I am a dynaMic character, looking to share my story.


**More often than not, bad things on the Internet are a direct result of—you guessed it—fear. And fear and unkindness are buddies who like to do harm to our insides and then others. If you think your thoughts might be encoded with fear, check out this post from Momastery (my favorite blog) just to be safe. And then read her entire blog, and then her book, and then hit me up with commentary.

P.S. I made the nifty little graphic with a friendly tool called Canva.  Check. It. Out.


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